The fast affordable teaching aid for assessment of learning styles

Diagnosis of learning strengths and prescriptions for individual learner accommodation

Available for addressing school-based student learning strengths and adult learning strengths for corporate-based training

in your School/Classroom or
Corporate Training Program?


Identify student learning strengths to target and adjust instruction

Identify student learning weaknesses for remedial attention

Develop an individual profile for students to address their own learning preferences with individual educational plans

Assist instructors in developing instructional packets or lesson plans to address the instructional preferences of their class or training group

Provide data for curriculum design and activities that reflect the various learning preferences of students

Provide data for organizing groups, emphasizing skill building

Communicate with stakeholders (i.e. parents, professionals, and leaders) to support and improve understanding of the need to address the individual instructional needs of students, and to improve understanding and achievement

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Why Styles of Learning?

"The major goal of teaching at any level is student learning. Learning preferences of learners however are as diverse as individual appearance, interest, motivation, and opinions. The learning style field attempts to support the learning process of the learner by providing vehicles and approaches that accommodate learner strengths. Addressing these strengths promotes student success and strengthens understanding of concepts being taught.

The body of literature regarding learning styles is based upon considerable, impressive work over many years ranging from Lewin and Dewey, to the present day contributors Kolb, McCarthy, Gregorc, Renzulli, Dunns, and Gardner. The CAPSOL inventory is a time and cost efficient approach to diagnosing and prescribing instructional strategies that build upon student strengths at all levels.
CAPSOL is a valuable resource in teaching, lesson planning, building student responsibility for learning, and parental insight into the learning process"

Howard "Bud" Henderson
CAPSOL styles of learning

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